Troubleshooting & Failure Analysis

//Troubleshooting & Failure Analysis
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Troubleshooting & Failure Analysis

EME frequently supports Power Generators and Industrial facilities in diagnosing and correcting operational issues with their rotating equipment. The issues can be related to vibration, noise, cooling and ventilation inadequacies, elevated operating temperatures of the windings or bearings or any anomaly associated with rotating equipment. To diagnoses and resolve issues, the entire breadth of our capabilities are applied and if necessary EME will engage an associate, typically an industry recognized expert in a particular field which has bearing on the issue.

Engineering & Consulting Services
EME provides a broad range of engineering services which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual project. Read More >>

Vibration Testing, Analysis & Troubleshooting
EME utilizes a variety of testing equipment to analyze, test and diagnose vibration issues. Proximity Probes, Siesmi Probes, multi-channel recorders and fast fourier analyzers are employed in determining resonant frequencies, mode shapes, the operating deflection shape for rotor trains as well as the magnitude and phase angle of mass imbalance. Read More >>

Engineering Analysis
Engineering Analysis is the cornerstone of our practice. Whether we are designing new products, engineering enhancements to existing products or evaluating a current design, understanding the fundamental physics of the design as expressed mathematically is our standard. Read More >>