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EME powers engineered solutions through partnering with our clients to compliment their existing internal capabilities. Our expertise centers on the unique challenges associated with designing, analyzing, and building rotating electric machines – Turbo Generators, Hydro Generator, Excitation Systems, Synchronous Condensers, Synchronous Motors, DC Motors and Bearing Systems.

The cornerstone of EME has always been our engineering practice. Over the years, our core competency has been leveraged into the execution of unique and varied design/build special projects, each of which provided an innovative solution or alternative approach not offered by the OEM or other consultants.  Read More >>

Turbo Generators
EME has extensive knowledge and experience in the troubleshooting, analysis, and design of cylindrical rotor, or “turbo” synchronous generator machines.  Read More >>

Hydro Generators
EME has over 30 years of experience analyzing nearly every type of machine failure. We have experience determining the root causes of mechanical, electrical and thermal failures that have occurred within all types of generators and motors. Read More >>