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Excitation Systems

Based on almost a quarter century of experience with the design of rotating electric machinery, EME has a solution for your brushless, static, or DC generator excitation system. Whether converting from brushless/DC to static excitation or upgrading a current system, EME provides economical and reliable alternatives to OEM products and services.

Collector Assemblies

EME offers semi-custom design of each unit to fit the needs of the customers’ application and utilize existing equipment such as bearings, housing, shafts, etc.


  • Fast response time to changing load demands.
  • Reliability – no forced outages due to damaged diodes and fuses.
  • No rotating electrical components – All power transmission components are stationary and not subject to the high forces associated with rotation.
  • Minimal maintenance – only brush changing and filter replacement, which can be done safely while the unit is online.
  • Minimal outage time for installation.

Brushless Exciters

From complete custom assemblies to upgrades and service on existing units, EME has the capability to serve your Brushless Exciter needs.


  • No brushes to service.
  • No external power supply required with use of a PMG.
  • Minimal maintenance – only yearly inspection is needed to verify winding and diode wheel component condition.
  • Minimal outage time for installation.

DC Generator Exciters

EME offers several service and analysis options to help prolong the life of your existing DC generator exciters. From uprate analysis services to manufacture follow EME has your needs covered.

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