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Hydro Generators

Failure Analysis

EME has over 30 years of experience analyzing nearly every type of machine failure. We have experience determining the root causes of mechanical, electrical and thermal failures that have occurred within all types of generators and motors. The tools we utilize depend on a specific case, and range from extremely detailed finite element models to meticulous visual inspection of a failed component.

Uprate Design

With increasing demand to obtain more power from existing generators the evaluation of in-service equipment has become more important than ever. EME has and continues to perform extensive work in this area and have developed several machine design programs for increased capabilities. In addition, we have several computer aided modeling tools to address specific design areas of both hydro generators and exciters.

  • Ventilation Analysis
  • Stress/Mechanical Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Machine Electrical Characteristics through EMEGEN
  • Coil Design

Site Testing

EME has countless hours of experience with on-site testing of Hydro generator units and their supporting systems, both for problem solving and commissioning/uprate work. Some of our most common testing areas are:

  • Vibration/Balancing
  • Heat Run/Commissioning

Equipment Specialties
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