People Matter – John T. Mihalic

Each Newsletter, EME likes to focus on one of our members to make them more familiar to our customers. You probably know some or all of us, and have dealt with us many times on challenging mechanical issues; here is a chance to learn a little more about the people behind the engineering.

John Mihalic is the Lead Electrical Engineer for EME.  His focus is on power engineering and the development of analytical methods to calculate and predict electro-mechanical machine performance.  In addition to this technical leadership role, John also leads large engineering projects.  In his role as the Lead Electrical Engineer, he has developed proprietary software for design of AC/DC motors and generators that can be tailored to suit any application. The software can be applied to the design of new/unique applications as well as assessing the adequacy of the critical characteristics for existing designs.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, with a minor in Information Sciences & Technology; he also serves as the EME Network administrator and provides technical support for all IT issues in the firm.  Recently John led an interesting project which berthed the EME Capacitor Reformer System.  The challenge was to create a relatively light-weight portable system which could be used on drives that had applications in which the capacitors may not be energized for several months, requiring reforming before to placing the drive in service (Nuclear Cranes for example).

He enjoys expanding the capabilities of home automation technology and has installed and programmed a number of devices in his home.  In addition to enjoying home automation, John likes to work with his hands and tackle home remodeling projects in his spare time.