EME Proprietary Software

EME began as an engineering consulting company and since 1982 has focused on electro-mechanical rotating equipment; Generators, Motors, and Brushless Exciters. Although we have grown and are now capable of delivering large complex turn-key systems, through our portfolio of more than 3,000 projects, we have analyzed almost every type of electro-mechanical equipment, from the perspectives of both electrical and mechanical design. Based on our customers need for this type of support, EME codified our approach, and as a result developed 4 pieces of proprietary software; EMEGEN, EMEINDUCT, EMETURBO, and EMEDC. This software enables us to perform clean sheet designs of salient pole synchronous generators/motors, induction motors, and turbo generators respectively, as well as analyzing existing machine designs and the effects of modified design parameters.

EME TURBO Output – V-Curves, Capability Curve, and Saturation Curve

Calculated Speed-Torque-Current Curve & Calculated Speed-Power Curve

Calculated Short Circuit Torque Curve

Calculated Speed-Torque-Current Curve Calculated Speed-Power Curve

Synchronous Motor V-Curve

Calculated Short Circuit Decrement Curve