EME Holiday Party – Celebrating 35 Years!

The EME Holiday Party was once again a wonderful evening, attended by our employees and friends.  The highlight of the night was when Andy Spisak along with his co-founding partner and long time friend marked the inauguration of our 35th year.  More details on the 35 years of excellence that we are celebrating in the [...]

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People Matter – John T. Mihalic

People Matter - John T. Mihalic Each Newsletter, EME likes to focus on one of our members to make them more familiar to our customers. You probably know some or all of us, and have dealt with us many times on challenging mechanical issues; here is a chance to learn a little more about the people behind [...]

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EME to Supply Collectors for Static Excitation Upgrade

EME has been awarded an order to supply collector assemblies as part of a project to upgrade (2) 390 MW generators to Static Excitation.  The new collectors will be rated for 3600 RPM, 3400 amps and 500 VDC. Since 2001, we have supported the conversion of more than a dozen exciters to the highly responsive [...]

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The Quarterly Engineering Problem – An Actual Case

A new motor was installed on a pump application. The original motor had failed electrically but had otherwise run with no vibration. The new motor was supplied by the OEM, and was claimed to be balanced at the factory. Upon start-up, higher vibration than normally acceptable for a new motor was experienced. Several attempts [...]

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