40 Years of Excellence

4 Decades of Engineering Excellence

Founded in 1982 as an Engineering Consulting Company, EME has transformed and grown over its 40 years through our continuous dedication to the design and engineering disciplines of large rotating electric machines.

Through our history we have continuously transformed EME towards a greater goal of providing first in class engineered solutions that ultimately improves the lives of people. We accomplish this through our dedication to engineering excellence focused on providing solutions and services that correct equipment problems and issues, extend life and improve reliability, increase output, and assist in the prevention of operation and maintenance issues.

As we celebrate 40 years we are once again embarking on a major transformation towards this greater goal. At the heart of this is a restructuring of EME ownership and its leadership with an ever-greater focus on our core engineering capabilities and values that enables us to deliver smart solutions and the engineering excellence our customers need and rely upon.

EME’s Success is in the Numbers


Projects started and completed


in value-add solutions


MW of Motor and
Generator uprates


MVA of synchronous
condenser conversion

New Leadership Team

Jason A. Sinkhorn, P.E.


President & CEO and consulting engineer with over 20 years of multidisciplinary generator and motor experience in the areas of design engineering & analysis, field and shop services, and large projects management.

Alan J. Spisak, P.E.


CTO & Product Development with over 30 years of multidisciplinary generator and motor experience in the areas of design engineering & analysis, RCA, trouble shooting, and product development.

Christopher J. Mascaro, P.E.


Director of Engineered Products and Consultant Engineer with over 20 years of multidisciplinary generator and motor experience in the areas of design engineering & analysis, and development and management of EME’s major products and projects.

John T. Mihalic


Manager of Engineering Services and Senior Electrical Engineer with over 10 years of multidisciplinary generator and motor design engineering & analysis experience.

Looking to the Future

The one constant we can always count on in our lives is change.
EME’s founding was a product of major changes taking place in greater Pittsburgh region with the fall of steel industry, competing wages in the Southern States, and the increasing globalization of industry.

We are again in an environment where sweeping changes are taking place and at the center is decarbonization. With this, electric power generation is undergoing major changes with resulting stresses to the transmission grid. Adapting to these sweeping changes, EME is leading the way by providing engineered solutions that improve reliability and extend the life of hydro and wind generators; improve the efficiency and extend the life of fossil plants in a new role of supporting renewables; and improving grid stability and reliability through conversion of generators to synchronous condensers in displaced fossil plants. Working with our partners, EME is the leader in the US for synchronous condenser conversions.

EME has again transformed to bring the power of engineering to meet the challenges of the future and improve the lives of others.