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ASME B&PV Code for Hydro – Does it fit?

EME has supported the hydro power generation for over 30 years.  Prior to the widespread availability of large-scale Finite Element Analysis, generator design & fatigue calculations were performed primarily using classical “closed form” calculations, stress concentration factors, and fatigue strength correction factors.  The stator and rotor structures were considered as the fabricated components that they [...]

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The Quarterly Engineering Problem – An Actual Case

A ventilation study was performed on a Hydro Generator as part of an uprate study.  The objective of the study was to determine if the existing ventilation would be sufficient to maintain satisfactory operating temperatures when the unit for a proposed uprate to 134 MVA from 82.5 MVA (62% increase). Combining test measurements of [...]

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People Matter – Ty Doan

People Matter - Ty Doan Ty is the most recent addition to the EME engineering corps.  A graduate of Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Ty has quickly become an integral part of the design team for a large hydro project we are executing.  His contributions focus on providing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the structural [...]

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People Matter – Jim Diskin

People Matter - Jim Diskin Jim Diskin is the lead modeler for EME and has been with the organization since 1992.  He graduated from Gateway Technical Institute in 1991 and his interview with Andy Spisak has become a classic of EME folklore.  The story goes that Jim came in for an interview with Andy Spisak [...]

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Leadership Matters – Our 35th Year in Review

Our 35th Year in Review As you are probably aware 2017 marked EME’s 35th year of continuous operation.  It has been another exciting one and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our loyal and growing number of customers for continuing to select us to support you in resolving your most interesting engineering challenges. [...]

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The Quarterly Engineering Problem – An Actual Case

A PAM motor driven ID fan was unable to operate at high speed due to elevated vibration .  The problem had persisted for over a decade, and a variety of causes for the problem had been offered by other consulting organizations, including; insufficient foundation mass, soft footing under the foundation and resonance of the [...]

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Welcoming our newest addition!

Welcoming our newest addition! Throughout 2017 we have been touting the fact that we are celebrating our 35 years of engineering excellence.  What you may or may not know is that for 30 plus of those years, EME like many engineering consulting organizations, operated out of leased office space – all that changed dramatically [...]

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Generator Matters – Does Partial Discharge mean the end is near?!?

Does Partial Discharge mean the end is near!?! In this article, we examine a generator which was experiencing significant Partial Discharge (PD) and the results of testing performed to understand the expected effects on the winding life. A 150 MWe generator had experienced a tripling of the PD value on the “B” phase, over [...]

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Leadership Matters – 35 Years From My View

What does 35 years of practicing engineering get you? Thousands of projects (and some gray hair). EME, founded by Don Reilly and me, is celebrating its 35th year of service to our many clients. Over those years we performed over 3,000 projects varying from a few hours of consulting to major engineering efforts requiring detailed analysis. [...]

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