Engineering Services

EME was initially founded as an electromechanical engineering and consulting firm in 1982 by Andy Spisak, a technology leader for Westinghouse Electric Corporation for whom he holds six patents related to brushless excitation. Engineering is our cornerstone and we are committed to reliably solving the most complex problems through the innovative practice of mechanical and electrical engineering at their fundamental levels, mathematics and physics. At our core, we are highly skilled machine designers specializing in large, heavy, high-speed electro-mechanical rotating equipment.

Our numerous customers include power generation equipment operators and both OEM and independent generator and motor service providers. We are engaged by our customers for both their routine and most technically challenging problems because our engineering provides innovative and low risk solutions. We apply the latest technologies such as finite element analysis (FEA) and rotor dynamics (Excel Rotor) and have developed our own proprietary software for “clean sheet design” (and analysis) of turbo generators, salient pole generators, and induction motors. We have a highly diverse portfolio of projects, related to trouble-shooting, field failures, repairs, enhancement or rerates, and design modifications of electrical systems involving large rotating machines. Many of our projects are design and analysis efforts where we identified the root cause of a failure and then engineered a solution to correct it.

Motors, generators, exciters or any electro-mechanical rotating equipment – EME, can solve your most demanding engineering challenges.