EME Field Services

In addition to our Engineered Products & Systems field efforts, EME is capable of supporting generator testing and inspection at our customers facilities. We have several fully stocked mechanical and electrical service trailers which are deployed when providing more significant scope inspections or repairs.

Mechanical Tool & Rigging

Generator Bump Testing

  • Testing, Inspection & Field Services
    • Condition and Life Assessment
      • Coil Insulation Testing and Evaluation
      • Visual Inspection
      • Metrology and material sampling
    • Performance and Characteristics Testing
      • Heat Run Testing
      • Efficiency Testing
      • Parameter Testing for System Modeling
    • Vibration & Noise Troubleshooting and Evaluation
      • Sound level and Acoustical Frequency Spectrum Test & Analysis
      • Vibration Frequency Spectrum Test & Analysis
      • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) and Modal (Impact) Testing & Analysis
      • Rotor Balancing
    • Failure Analysis
    • Maintenance & Repair
      • Modal (Impact) Testing & Analysis
      • Owners Engineer Oversight
      • Installed Machine Repairs, Upgrades, and Modifications
      • Installed Engineered Solutions
    • Turnkey Engineered Products and Systems Installation
    • Commissioning