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Synchronous Condensers

The need for Dynamic VAR support is increasing as a result of the loss of Fossil Power production and the increase of renewable energy sources in the power generators portfolio.  An excellent method to create the required dynamic VARS is through conversion of an existing generator to a Synchronous Condenser.  EME understands generator design and how to optimize re-purposing of the attendant ancillaries to optimize recovery of the assets value.

Converting a turbine driven generator to synchronous condenser operation involves changes to the control, protection and operating systems in addition to mechanical changes. However, one of the first decisions that needs to be made is “How Will We Get the Generator Up To Speed for Synchronous Condensing Operation?” EME supports both starting package technologies; Pony Motor or High-Voltage VFD.

EME evaluates Synchronous Condenser Conversions at existing power plants on a case-by-case basis to help determine which solution is best for the plant. A project team is dedicated from initial concept through implementation. The design/build portion of the project is based out of our Pittsburgh, PA facility and EME can support the installation of the equipment anywhere in the world. We have our own dedicated field tooling to ensure the right equipment is there and the installation is smooth and successful.

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