Impact Modal Testing

Our Modal/forced response testing is performed via impact excitation. This capability coupled with our Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) testing is a powerful tool employed by EME to understand the response of the generator system to the mechanical and elector-magnetic forcing function(s). Acoustic testing is accomplished by employing an analog microphone which is output to a Fast Fourier analyzer and is extremely useful to identify vibration where direct contact is not practical. For all of our testing and balancing operations, EME is able to acquire data from installed plant equipment or provide portable stand-alone instrumentation as needed.

We also provide Acoustic and Impact Modal testing to, diagnose operational and vibration issues as well as rotor balancing and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) testing.

Inspection, Cleaning & Test

We offer a full compliment of Electrical and Mechanical testing and inspection services.

Electrical Testing:

  • Over-potential (Hi-Pot)
  • Dielectric Absorption
  • Slot Discharge
  • Corona Probe
  • Surge Test of Turn Insulation
  • Power Factor Tip-Up
  • Insulation Resistance (Megger)
  • Tube to Tube (& Copper) Resistance
  • Phase Resistance
  • Transposition Test
  • EL-CID
  • Core Loop
  • Phase Imbalance
  • Pole Balance
  • Repetitive Surge Oscillograph (RSO)

Mechanical Testing/Inspections:

  • Vent Tube Pressure Drop
  • Parallel Ring Assembly by Air Flow
  • Main & Neutral Bushings Air Flow
  • Wedge Tightness
  • Air Gap Baffle Wedge Assembly Tightness
  • Torque of Building & Through Bolts
  • Core Tightness
  • Bearing and Seal Inspections
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDE)
  • “Bump” Testing

Site Testing

EME has countless hours of experience with on-site testing of generator units and their supporting systems, both for problem solving and commissioning/uprate work. Some of our most common testing areas are:

  • Modal and frequency response testing of generator and motor end baskets, end turns and phase leads
  • Modal and operating deflection shape analysis of machine frames, rotors, bearing brackets and support structures
  • Modal and frequency response testing of turbine and blower blades
  • Root cause failure analysis & troubleshooting
  • Heat Run/Commissioning