People Matter – Thomas J. Cunningham

People Matter - Thomas J. Cunningham Each Newsletter, EME likes to focus on one of our members to make them more familiar to our customers. You probably know some or all of us, and have dealt with us many times on challenging mechanical issues; here is a chance to learn a little more about the [...]

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Synchronous Condenser Project Completed June 2016

Synchronous Condenser Project Completed June 2016 With increasing numbers of renewable energy sources being added to the grid, and the continued retiring of Coal fired generation, the need for additional Volt-Ampre-Reactive (VAR) power to stabilize frequency and boost voltage is being encountered more frequently. Synchronous Condensers are the preferred method to provide VAR support, particularly [...]

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What’s the Matter?!?! (Take the Quiz)

What’s the Matter?!?! (Take the Quiz) While providing witness inspection services as a utilities owner engineer on a new motor they had ordered which was undergoing testing, the motor manufacturer reported a problem with the ventilation. It was an open ventilated machine with air inlets at both ends. However, it was noticed that all [...]

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Leadership Matters

Leadership Matters In 1982 Donald Reilly (since retired) and I from Westinghouse, East Pittsburgh founded EME for the express purpose of offering the power generation industry an independent source of engineering expertise and solutions. Since then, we have been a technical resource for a large variety of customers; service providers, equipment owners and Original Equipment [...]

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Grand Coulee Generator Core Re-tensioning Project

Grand Coulee Generator Core Re-tensioning Project Built in the 1970’s, the Grand Coulee’s Third Power Plant houses some of the largest Westinghouse Hydro (600 MWe) Generators in the world. Based on their size, a unique and innovative stator support system had to be developed which accommodated the significant thermal expansion of the core while preventing [...]

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