EME has been awarded an order to supply collector assemblies as part of a project to upgrade (2) 390 MW generators to Static Excitation.  The new collectors will be rated for 3600 RPM, 3400 amps and 500 VDC. Since 2001, we have supported the conversion of more than a dozen exciters to the highly responsive static system.

Our collectors have ratings from 800A to 7,200A with most in the 3,500A to 5,000A range.  Based on an extensive knowledge of the Westinghouse Brushless Exciter, a seamless transition to static excitation can be realized when using an EME collector assembly.  Our units couple both mechanically and electrically to the generator by means of a solid flanged coupling and the collector assembly provides the electrical connection between the positive and negative polarities of the stationary excitation system and rotating generator rotor.

The collector, bearing, ventilation system and enclosure are all supplied as part of the EME scope and skid mounted to reduce installation time, which frequently requires less than 10 days.  Regardless of the size or manufacturer of your generator, EME can assist in converting it to static excitation.  See more on our capabilities at https://emeassociates.com/equipment-specialties/excitation-systems/